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Learn Singing Carnatic music Indian Hindustani classical vocal online Skype Lessons to Sing Hindi Light Classical Songs voice training classes online guru teachers to learn how to sing Dhrupad khyal,Tala, Alankara, Aalaap, Dhamar, Khyal,Sadra, Tarana, Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Swar, Raga, Thaat, Shruti Carnatic Vocal Swara, Melakarta, Sruti, Tanam, Pallavi, Gitam trainer instructors India.


Testimonials - Shastriya Sangit - Indian Classical Music School Online Training Class Lessons

  • My son is enjoying to learn the online Hindustani classical vocal singing lessons with his teacher in India, he is very happy that he can now understand the basics and can sing the light classical Hindi songs in general and the songs from the Hindi movies too in the way he always wanted to, he practices singing lessons and has improved on his voice pitch, which has given him immense satisfaction now, regards for his Hindustani voice teacher Mr Sushant for working hard with him, he looks forward to continue with the intermediate and advanced level of voice training course lessons online.
    Ms Neelam, Sydney, Australia

  • I am thankful to Karnatik music gurus at Divya Sangeet online music classes for providing an excellent Carnatic classical vocal training through the online Carnatic voice singing lessons. With the Carnatic music e-books, Carnatic music theory and the extended Carnatic vocal practice sessions online on Skype with the experienced Carnatic teachers in India, my kids have been able to perform well and get the award for the best Carnatic singing skills at the Indian community program in USA. With best regards to our Children's guru and to everyone at Divya Sangeeth.
    Mrs and Mr Raj, California, USA

  • The online light classical vocal music classes have become my habit, my passion and everything, I enjoy singing and practicing the sons based on ragas, my practice is going great. Thank you,
    Ms. Shweta, Mumbai Maharashtra, India

  • My son is learning to play Sarod through online class lessons and he has already started performing on Sarod at his school and with his music group. The confidence with which he performs playing Indian Hindustani classical music instrument Sarod is all due the training from his Sarod guru in India.
    Mrs Kavita, Perth, Australia

  • My experience with the online Hindustani classical vocal music classes has been most memorable and satisfying moments. When I closed my eyes during the live online music classes and practiced with my online Hindustani classical music Guru, I never felt we were continents apart, it was the wonderful face to face music learning experience right from my motherland.
    Ms. Aradhana, London, UK

  • Divya Music School is brilliant - open, friendly, busy, flexible, welcoming to all kinds of music and to people of all ages and backgrounds and it is so well organized that it has a lovely relaxed and informal feel to it all.
    Mr. Abhinav (Hindustani Classical Vocal) Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Namaste, learning to play Santoor online from my Santoor guruji in India is a great experience always, i have been learning Santoor online since last two years, wish to continue with this magical learning process for always. The distance learning program in Indian Classical music by Divya Music is the best approach for learning the Hindustani classical music.
    Mr Thomas, Paris, France

  • I appreciate the best satisfying online Indian semi classical music learning experience from Divya Music, the light classical music teachers online are the best in the class, I have been learning and practicing to sing the bhajans and ghazals since last one year but last month when I started to learn singing the sufi songs, singing the magical folk devotional music it was altogether a different spiritual dimension opened up for me. Thank you for offering the best in vocal Music education from India.
    Dr. Prerna, New York, USA

  • I am enjoying my true hobby with Divya Music, the online light classical vocal music classes have been a great convenience for a busy housewife like me, i thought it would be tough to devote the time to learn singing but now I easily manage learning to sing light Indian classical music online with my music teacher Ms. Deepti.
    Ms. Neelam, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • The online Tabla learning program has helped me a lot to concentrate better on my work project. Learning Indian classical music uplifts my spirits like nothing else. Thank you Divya Music for making it possible.
    Mr. Dinesh, California, USA

  • Learning to play Sitar online has been a wonderful experience for me thanks to my Indian Sitar Guru. I was searching on the web - internet for an experienced Sitar teacher and contacted Divya Music for learning Indian classical music instrument Sitar through DM Live core online music classes. For me the online one-on-one, live Music classes is the best convenient and cost effective way of learning music.
    Ms. Sanjana, London, UK

  • My friend living in Delhi suggested me to join Divya Music online classes to learn playing Indian Bamboo flute, the 'Bansuri'. The experience of learning Indian classical woodwind flute lessons online with Indian flute guru, my online flute Bansuri teacher has been excellent.
    Mr. Patrick, Chicago, USA